Midnight Madness: The Union at Dearborn offers first onsite event

Construction continues on The Union at Dearborn

Construction continues on The Union at Dearborn

Seven months before residents move in, students will get their first chance to survey the grounds of The Union at Dearborn during the complex’s Midnight Madness event.

Midnight Madness takes place this Thursday, January 31, at The Union’s construction site. The evening offers food and entertainment for all attendees and leasing deals for University of Michigan-Dearborn students.

“We are all so excited about this event,” said Steve Ostipow, general manager for The Union. “Our goal is to get the UM-Dearborn community excited and connected to what’s happening at The Union.”

All students, parents, faculty and staff members are welcome to attend Midnight Madness.

The event, which runs from 6 p.m.-midnight, includes:

  • Music provided by a DJ
  • Sample food from local restaurants
  • Buffalo Wild Wings wing challenges
  • “Midnight Madness” games with a chance for students to win prizes including a flat screen TV, Blue Ray player, espresso machine, Michigan bathroom set and UM-Dearborn t-shirts
  • An opportunity to qualify for a free bedroom at The Union at Dearborn

“The event will be a ton of fun for students. They can play games and dance all night while enjoying great food and learning more about The Union,” Ostipow said.

Students also can sign leases during Midnight Madness. The Union currently is running a leasing special for students, with the reservation fee cut in half to $200. The special will run through February 2.

Ostipow said two-bed, two-bath apartments, as well as studio apartments are filling quickly.

“Students will get a great deal during Midnight Madness. But more than that, we want all students to get a feel for who we are,” Ostipow said.

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