From Wolves to Wolverines

University of Michigan-Dearborn announced the change from Wolves to Wolverines as part of a growing relationship with U-M athletics.

Brittney Moore always considered herself a Wolverine.

“I had a relative who went to Ann Arbor and I went to Dearborn. To me, we were both Wolverines,” said Moore, a 2012 graduate of University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Moore officially will become a Wolverine this fall now that the university has announced the transition from UM-Dearborn Wolves to UM-Dearborn Wolverines.

The idea for a mascot change began with discussions between athletic directors Steve Rotta (UM-Dearborn) and Dave Brandon (U-M) about how to strengthen the relationship between the campuses. U-M suggested the university consider aligning the student-athlete experience with one of the most recognizable athletic brands in the country.

The collaboration extends beyond the nickname change. Benefits include sharing resources for uniforms and equipment and opportunities for Dearborn athletes to use Ann Arbor’s athletic facilities.

“I am confident a stronger relationship with U-M athletics will greatly enhance our student-athlete experience and provide campus with stronger athletic programs,” said Stanley E. Henderson, vice chancellor for enrollment management and student life.

Moore believes the collaboration with U-M strengthens the experience for both students and alumni, regardless of athletic affiliation.

“We’re a part of this bigger picture, this bigger network of University of Michigan,” she said. “Becoming the Wolverines shows the growth of campus.”

Prior to the changes, the university surveyed faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and emeriti faculty to gauge support of the collaboration and name change.

More than 1,100 people responded, and the results suggested support for the changes:

  • 87% of the campus community felt a stronger relationship with Ann Arbor athletics would benefit UM-Dearborn athletics
  • 80% felt a nickname change would further strengthen the relationship, with the same percentage favoring a change from Wolves to Wolverines
  • 77% currently identify as a Wolverine

UM-Dearborn will move from Wolves to Wolverines at the start of the fall 2013 athletic season. Refreshed athletics branding will be shared with the campus community at that time.



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