Just say yes: Julia Richie makes a difference on campus and in the community

If you have taken graduate courses, you know that it can be challenging to strike a work-life balance. Imagine leading a nonprofit organization full-time and attending graduate school. At 69, Julia Richie, founder and president of The YES Foundation and a UM-Dearborn graduate student, has successfully navigated personal and professional more »

A mission for Curiosity: Geology assistant professor Mark Salvatore and students involved in latest Mars endeavor

Just like many of us, Kate Truitt gets daily emails that include discussion threads, meeting times and inquiries looking for a consensus on what to do next. But the UM-Dearborn sophomore’s messages are from NASA—about Mars exploration. Truitt, through Geology Assistant Professor Mark Salvatore, is part of the research team more »

Proactive prevention: Campus implements required awareness and health promotion courses

Freshman Alexann Zahara completed her first college assignment before starting her classes. Logging onto her computer at home, she watched video segments—like the kind you’d see during a late show’s man-on-the-street interviews­—and interacted with simulated characters where she could choose different dialogue bubbles based on the information she was just more »