ITS updates: Information Technology moves

As part of the Science Building renovation project, Information Technology moved out of the Computing Wing to new spaces in Fairlane Center and Mardigian Library.

IT Administration and Staff relocate to Fairlane Center
Primary administrative and staff offices for Information Technology are being moved to the second floor of Fairlane Center North. In the past several months, new office space in FCN 238 was fully remodeled in preparation for the move. This area will be the new home for the director’s office, network and systems technology teams, Banner support, applications development and project management.

Help Desk and Accounts office moved to Mardigian Library
The Help Desk provides technical support to many business and student service offices on the Evergreen campus and is often required to quickly respond onsite. Recognizing the value of a centrally located Help Desk, Elaine Logan, director of Mardigian Library, partnered with IT to offer space in the library. “Information access and information technology are becoming inseparable,” she said.  “Efficient and effective IT services and infrastructure are critical to the success of every aspect of UM-Dearborn. I am pleased to have the flexibility to support this new direction for ITS.”

Tucked behind the Library Computer Lab, the new Help Desk service center is located in ML 1070B. It will continue to be staffed by student technicians, under the direction of Laura Shelp, customer experience manager.

The IT Accounts Office will be located in ML 1070A, located at the rear of the Computer Lab. This will offer easy access for students, faculty and staff who need assistance with uniqnames, passwords and other account information.

CW Computer Lab Distributed Across Campus
With renovations planned in the Computing Wing, the IT computer lab, which offers 90 PCs for student use, is being permanently closed. Since these computers are in high demand, new space was found to house them in smaller labs across campus. An online tool,  LabStats, will make it easier for students to find open seats in a nearby lab. New distributed computing sites are located in:
•    HPEC: 20 PCs, 1 black/white printer, 1 color printer
•    ML: 20 PCs, 1 black/white printer
•    ML: 1 PC each on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors
•    ML: 4 PCs for graduate program on 1st floor
•    FCS: 10 PCs in loung area
•    CASL: 4 PCs on 3rd and 4th floors
•    SSB: 6 PCs on 2nd floor
•    ASC: 6 PCs on 1st floor (after renovation)

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