Campus closure procedures available for review

The winter season is coming and with it brings the potential for an occasional campus closure due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions.

When overnight weather may force a campus closing, the decision to close campus is made by the Office of the Chancellor (or the Office of the Provost, in the chancellor’s absence) after consulting with the vice chancellor for business affairs. There is an extensive and thorough review process followed by campus administrators to determine if a closure is necessary. Every effort is made to keep the university fully operating during regular instructional hours. The safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff is at the center of the chancellor’s decision to close campus.

If the decision is to close campus, the Office of External Relations immediately:

  • Activates the Blackboard Emergency Alert System. Faculty and staff are encouraged  to register to receive these notifications in the Employee Self-Service section in Wolverine Access. Simply click on “UM Emergency Alerts” under the Campus Personal Information area.
  • Sends an email to faculty and staff announcing the closure.
  • Notifies local television and radio stations.
  • Posts information to the campus’s social media channels and website.

The university makes every attempt to reach a decision about closure by 5:30 a.m.

In addition to the notification channels outlined above, senior officers contact their staffs. A communications tree effort fans out from each dean, director and department chair/head to reach staff in their respective areas. Faculty and staff who have voicemail are asked to call their offices and update their outgoing voicemail message to indicate the campus is closed so that subsequent callers understand why they have reached automated messages.

When a daytime closing is necessary, the chancellor will relay that information to his staff; they then contact deans, directors and department chairs/heads, who then notify their faculty, staff and students. The Office of External Relations activates the notification channels listed above.

When a decision is made to close the campus on a Saturday or Sunday, the directors (or designees) of the Mardigian Library, Information Technology Services, University Center and the Fieldhouse will be notified. The Fieldhouse staff will determine whether activities will continue while the rest of the campus is closed.

UM-Dearborn essential staff who are required to work during a weather event will be notified by their supervisors. Additionally, in the event of a reduction of operations or closure due to a non-weather event, such as a power outage, essential staff who are required to work will be notified by their immediate supervisor upon occurrence of such event.

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