News from Mardigian Library: New exhibition opens May 5

Imaginary Friends

“Imaginary Friends” by Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender, 2017, cast glass

One House, Two Voices: Recent Glass Works

One House, Two Voices: Recent Glass Works by Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender highlights a remarkable selection of recent mixed media works by married couple Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender. The exhibition includes both individual and collaborative works. The imaginative pieces are primarily cast glass with stunning added ceramic and painted details.

Bothwell and Bender met 40 years ago as young teens at art camp in New Jersey and together turned their shared passion for art into accomplished careers. Their early love for painting, ceramics, illustrating and glass work has become a lifelong commitment.

This exhibition displays work by Bothwell that was mainly inspired by her children and the nature that surrounds her in the Pennsylvania countryside. Her art is deeply introspective; it encourages viewers to think about the big questions in life. The creative process starts with a spark….

“What triggers this interior feeling might be a glimpse of a child sitting a certain way with the light shining on her hair… or a view from my car of the mist covering the mountains, so appealing as to almost cause an accident,” said Bothwell. “A tree covered with red winged blackbirds in the woods, before it’s even spring, can be so pleasantly shocking as to cause me to laugh out loud. Sometimes it’s as simple as rays of sunlight slanting through tree trunks in the woods early in the morning. At those moments I feel so happy, and so blessed that I’m given the opportunity to live as an artist and truly appreciate the remarkable beauty of the regular, daily world.”

Bender wrote and illustrated children’s books for 20 years before making the move to work with glass. His displayed cast glass works represent an homage to his love for the tactile, sensual qualities of the medium and his attraction to the unpredictability of the firing process. His imagery incorporates dreams, humor, found objects and an exploration of the human condition.

In describing the couple’s powerful collaborative work, Bender stated, “Our artistic visions are quite distinct from one another, but we have recognized opportunities to see how we can complement and magnify each other’s vision. Our friendship and love for one another form the basis for our lives. It is natural that some art would evolve as an expression of this.”

One House, Two Voices: Recent Glass Works by Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender will be on view May 5 – July 14. Gallery hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. and Thursday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

The exhibition opening reception will be held Friday, May 5, 5-7 p.m. Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres provided. Christina Bothwell and Robert Bender will speak at 6 p.m. We hope to see you there!

New Databases from the Mardigian Library

OneMine is the world’s most comprehensive collection of mining and minerals-based research. OneMine provides integrated access to documents focused on the mining, mineral, and exploration sciences. Participating societies include: AIME, AusIMM, CIM, DFI, IIMP, IMMS, NIOSH, SAIMM, SME, and TMS.

Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 1: Pioneer Orientalists
This resource contains Arabic manuscripts in the Scaliger, Raphelengiu, and Golius collections from the Leiden University Library. Leiden is one of Europe’s top repositories of Oriental manuscripts. The Golius collection is particularly famous for its manuscripts on Islamic science.

Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 2: The Ottoman Legacy of Levinus Warner
Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 2: The Ottoman Legacy of Levinus Warner consists of 140 volumes from the Warner Collection. It has 45,809 pages of Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, and Persian texts. All of the manuscripts were acquired by the scholar Levinus Warner during his stay in Istanbul from 1644 until his death in 1665.

Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 3: Arabic Manuscripts from the Hungarian Academy
Arabic Manuscripts from the Hungarian Academy consists of 200 manuscripts with just over 300 works. In addition to 5 autographs, the highlights of the collection include: the earliest dated manuscript in the collection (Arab O. 013), a dated copy of a unique arrangement of a rare treatise written by al-Ṣāḥib Tāǧ al-Dīn (d. 707/1307) produced in the year of the author’s death, two rare Mamluk treatises on horsemanship (Arab F.2), and an anonymous compilation (Arab O. 027) about the lives of the outstanding men who lived in Medina in the 12th to 18th centuries.

Textual History of the Bible
This resource brings together all available information regarding the textual history, textual character, translation techniques, manuscripts, and the importance of each textual witness for each book of the Hebrew Bible, including its deutero-canonical scriptures. It also includes articles on the history of research, the editorial histories of the Hebrew Bible, as well as other aspects of text-critical research and its auxiliary fields, or Hilfswissenschaften, such as papyrology, codicology, and linguistics.

Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions
This database provides a broad understanding of consumer behaviors across a variety of categories for more efficient and effective marketing of products and services. This enables users to acquire consumers based on lifestyle, media exposure, product usage, consumption, purchasing and psychographic dimensions.

Ad$pender includes advertising expenditure information, since 1995, for millions of product brands across television, radio, magazine, newspaper, internet and outdoor channels.

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