Alex (Ya Sha) Yi

Alex (Ya Sha) YiAssociate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Phone: 313-583-6318 (Office) 617-276-4654 (Cell)Email:
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Education: Ph.D., Electronics and Optoelectronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fields of Study:

  • Integrated nano electronic and photonic materials and devices: Lasers, semiconducting materials and devices, high performance computation and large scale simulation, photonic crystals, plasmonics, optoelectronic sensor, display, integrated nanoelectronics/MEMS
  • Renewable energy: Photovoltaics & power related materials and devices, solar cells
  • Solid state lighting: Light emitting diodes (LEDs),
  • Bio medical photonics: Photonic bio sensor, biomedical imaging

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