Bochen Jia

Bochen JiaAssistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Manufacturing Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Phone: 313-685-6626
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Education: Ph.D., Industrial and System Engineering, Virginia Tech

Fields of Study:

  • Occupational musculoskeletal disorders: Related research focuses on the investigation of human physical capacity and performance, mechanisms of work-related injury, and the development of ergonomic controls and interventions.
  • Aging, obesity and work capacity: Related research focuses on the quantification of the trending effects of obesity and aging on worker physical capacity and work performance.
  • Ergonomic integrated digital manufacturing: Related research focuses on the ergonomic evaluation of alternatives and issues in optimizing the design of virtual manufacturing/production process.
  • Vehicle interior ergonomic and driver behavior: Related research focuses on the identification of interaction and communication between drivers, vehicles and driving environments.

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