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Social Work: Faculty research looks for ways to best support young adults with a cancer diagnosis

When Nick Iannarino’s good friend was diagnosed with cancer in his 20s, the Public Communication and Cultural Studies assistant professor said many didn’t know how to react. His friend—not wanting perceived pity or to show the changes chemotherapy was doing to his normally active body—stopped going out and asked for more »

Birds of a feather: Mutant hen studies could advance knowledge of body processes

If mutant hens are the focus of your research, be ready for playful comments from friends and colleagues. “They always expect that they must look like mutants, or that they’re boneless chickens or something,” said Marilee Benore. The professor of biochemistry and biology in the Natural Sciences Department in the more »

Catching the wave: Lecturer Mark Steffka receives award for engineering and educational advancement

When Mark Steffka was a youth, his room was filled with wires, circuits and hardware. “There was typically stuff lying everywhere. You could hardly walk without tripping over something,” the electrical and computer engineering lecturer said with a laugh. “But my parents were still very supportive.  My dad would get more »

Food for thought: UM-Dearborn-based research team looks into campus food insecurity

During the first week of her social psychology course this fall, Psychology Assistant Professor Harmony Reppond shared a list of campus resources with her students—including the UM-Dearborn Food Pantry. One student approached her after class, asked for more information, and then went directly to the pantry. “The student shared how more »