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Field goals: Environmental Interpretive Center creates insect hotel for campus garden

Welcome to the Bug House. In this UM-Dearborn creation—shaped like the Block M—many claim to be the home team: beetles, solitary bees, centipedes, thread-waist wasps, pill bugs, millipedes and more. Seen along the Rouge River Gateway Trail in the Pollinator Garden, the Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC) led the construction of more »

A mission for Curiosity: Geology assistant professor Mark Salvatore and students involved in latest Mars endeavor

Just like many of us, Kate Truitt gets daily emails that include discussion threads, meeting times and inquiries looking for a consensus on what to do next. But the UM-Dearborn sophomore’s messages are from NASA—about Mars exploration. Truitt, through Geology Assistant Professor Mark Salvatore, is part of the research team more »

Educational expeditions: Faculty facilitate real world experiences for students

Alexandra Slonina read about the medieval period in Rome. And she learned about it in class. But this summer, during a study abroad experience, she physically surrounded herself with history. Slonina, who studied anthropology and biology on campus, assisted Patrick Beauchesne, assistant professor of anthropology, in his research on the more »