Danielle DeFauw

Danielle DeFauwAssistant Professor of Reading
College of Education, Health, and Human Services

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Education: Ph.D., Reading Education with emphasis in Writing Education, Oakland University

Fields of Study:

  • Writing Instruction: Implementing effective writing instruction within a writing workshop framework with elementary students and preservice and inservice teachers; understanding how authentic audiences increase motivation for student writers, especially when working with a published author/illustrator.
  • Standardized Assessment of Writing: The negative effectives of writing assessment on writing instruction, including finding ways to support students’ preparation of writing assessment through more authentic means – contest writing. Contest writing and standardized assessment of writing are comparable due to the distant audience, prompt, deadline, and potential context. The potential context means the teacher may design the deadline to match the time limits inherent in standardized assessment of writing.
  • Family Literacy Support: I believe families are students’ strongest teachers, and I believe in empowering them to provide effective literacy support at home from which teachers can build upon and strengthen. The writing methods course I teach and use as a catalyst for my research includes a family component for the families who bring their children to the writing clinic connected to the course. This is one of many ways I have worked with families of elementary-age children.
  • Early Literacy: As a parent and as a literacy specialist, I have immense experience in working with young children to support literacy development. I have researched the use of art to support handwriting instruction with early childhood and the importance of motivation to support writing instruction within the early elementary classroom.

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