Hafiz Malik

Hafiz MalikAssociate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Phone: 313-593-5677
Email: hafiz@umich.edu
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Education: Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

Fields of Study:

  • Digital forensics: Audio forgery detection, image tamper detection, device identification, acoustic environment modeling and detection, speaker verification, deleted file recovery, file carving
  • Information security: Cyber security, sensing-centric security, securing biometric, sensor network security
  • Information hiding: Watermarking, steganography, steganalysis, covert communication
  • Information fusion: Decision fusion, information-theoretic based information fusion
  • Signal processing: Speech processing, pitch extraction, image denoising, audio enhancement
  • Intelligent system Design: Intelligent video surveillance system
  • Sensor networks

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